"Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like."
- Steve Jobs

Web Design

Less steps • Less clicking • Less Scrolling
Good reading - The right information
Organization - Easy to navigate
Simple but Happy


I can say that with no fear.
I am not tied to my personal taste when it comes to creating a brand, I investigate to find the different. In general, design is about 90 percent in research.

Graphic Design

What is the limit for a designer?
There are no formulas to design, otherwise you limit yourself.
I like to think about what others need and how in a simple way meet that need.

Printing Specialist

This is perhaps one of the most important qualities that a graphic designer should have. You should know enough about the printing process as well as the different printing techniques.
More than 3 years as Production Manager, attending printing needs for accounts as Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins.

Motion Graphics

I have to say this is my passion.
Websites Intro Animation, Titles, Promotional Videos, Coorporate, Typography Animation.
Adobe After Effects / Premiere

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